Senior Portraits ~ Preston ~ Class of 2020

Preston – Class of 2020 – Shawnee High School


Preston is an incredibly talented SHS senior with a wide variety of skills and interests.  It takes just one look at his varsity jacket to see that he has talents and achievements in several different areas. His jacket displays multiple letters and medals that he earned through his accomplishments in athletics, music and academics.


He is also a handsome young man with a genuine smile and friendly disposition.  It was my great pleasure to work with him and his mom, Traci.  She and I had worked together for years and it was great to see her and catch up with each other.


Musically, Preston has participated in plays and musicals at Shawnee High School as well as Encore theatre. He is also a member of choir and band.


Academically, he has earned an Academic letter and is a member of student government.


Athletically he has been a member of the varsity Swim Team for 4 years and the Football Team for 2 years.


His classmates honored him by voting him to be their 2019 Homecoming King and a member of their 2020 Prom Court.  They also voted him to be “The Person Most Likely to Brighten Your Day”.


Preston attends Shawnee United Methodist Church.


He has one older brother, Nolan, who is a welder and just finished his degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and will start his bachelor’s degree this fall.  His parents, Traci and Tony, are very proud of their sons.


Preston is excited to attend Bowling Green State University this fall where he will major in Education. His family and friends wish him well as he moves onto the next step in his accomplished life. Good luck Preston and may God always bless you greatly.



  1. Dean says:

    Awesome young man. Excited to see how the future presents itself to you!


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