Senior Portraits ~ Mallory ~ Class of 2020

Mallory ~ Bath High School ~ Class of 2020

Just look at her stunning smile! Mallory’s overall gorgeousness made my job both fun and easy. She and her mom were so laid back and easy-going which made their October shoot a great experience for all of us.


Mallory is incredibly accomplished. She makes Bath High School very proud to have her as a member of their class of 2020.  She has an impressive list of contributions to her school and community.


Academically, her work has been perfect.  Her 4.0 GPA makes her a top student in her senior class. She is also vice-president of The National Honor Society and President of Student Council at BHS. Those are both elected positions which speaks to the respect she has from her classmates.


She gives to her community in multiple ways.  She volunteers with her school’s Interact Club, lifeguarding and babysitting. She was also elected to the position of Vice-President of Interact.


Athletically she has many impressive accolades. She is a 4-year varsity letter winner in swimming, a 3-year varsity letter winner in volleyball and a 2-year varsity letter winner in track. She was a team captain of the swim and volleyball teams during her junior and senior years.


In volleyball she was a two-time member of 2nd-team All-WBL. She was also a one-time member of 1st team All-District-8.  She was a three-time district qualifier in swim.


In her free time, she enjoys camping, hiking, drawing, hanging out with her friends and family, and going on bike rides.  She is the middle child in her family of three children. She has a younger sister (11 years old) and an older brother (22 years old) who just graduated from the University of Toledo. Her proud parents are Tom and Amy.


I had the great pleasure of being a neighbor to her wonderful grandparents, Sandy and Ron Clark.  Even though they are both living in heaven now, I am just sure that they are watching her and feeling very proud of Mallory for all of her hard work and accomplishments.


In the fall she will be attending Ohio University where she plans to study Civil Engineering. I wish her great success and many blessings as she moves on to the next exciting phase in her life. Good luck and may God bless you greatly Mallory!










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