U.S. Naval Academy Graduate ~ Audrey Brandon

LtJG Audrey Brandon ~ U.S. Naval Academy Graduate

As a wedding and military photographer, I was very honored to work with Audrey.  Getting to shoot such an incredible young lady was a great experience.  Allow me tell you a little bit about this accomplished Naval Officer.


Audrey Brandon comes from a wonderful family who is highly respected in their community.  She was a 2014 graduate of Lima Bath High School where she was well-known for her intelligence, athleticism and friendly personality.


Audrey’s acceptance into the U.S. Naval Academy was an impressive accomplishment that speaks to her tremendous drive and work ethic. Only 9% of the people who apply to the U.S. Naval Academy each year are accepted.  Their entrance requirements are very demanding. The application process is much more rigorous than most other undergraduate programs.


Shortly after her high school graduation, Audrey reported to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.  She immediately started her physically-grueling boot camp, also known as Plebe Summer. She was required to successfully complete boot camp before she could begin her academic program. Once she completed her first academic year, she chose to major in Operations Research.  She also went on to become a two-year letter winner on the varsity women’s track and field team as a weight and hammer thrower.


After four years of military and academic training, she proudly became a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy. She has now completed two years of her five year commitment.  Audrey will soon be completing her first major deployment.  She is currently serving in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer on a military ship.


Congratulations to Audrey and thank you for serving our great country. We appreciate what you do to keep us all safe.  May God always keep you safe!

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  1. Barbara clark says:

    Amazing!!! So proud of you and your many accomplishments👏🏻

  2. Kris Gross says:

    These photos are stunning, as is your model!!! So proud of your accomplishments Audrey! Congrats!!❤️💙

  3. Dawn Iiames says:

    Absolutely amazing!! You have always had drive and dedication! Congratulations on your accomplishments!!

  4. Julie Walsh says:

    Awesome pictures! So proud to have known you and been your bus driver! I always knew you would be special! Thank you for serving and keeping us safe!

  5. Becky says:

    Beautiful lady and family! Congrats and thank you!!

  6. Diane King says:

    Audrey…I know you Mom and Grandpa and Mama. Seeing this makes me very proud of you and the wonderful family who raised you. Be safe and thank you for your service.

  7. Cindy Bourne says:

    Great pictures of a great person (inside and out)! Audrey is a very kind, and driven, woman. So proud of your accomplishments! Thank you for your service, Audrey.

  8. Michael Roose says:

    I never doubted for a minute that she would thrive at Annapolis and as a naval officer. Very proud of her and her accomplishments

  9. Joyce J says:

    Absolutel amazing! So proud if you and all of your accomplishments.


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