Brooke and Jered ~ Lima Ohio Engagement Story

Brooke and Jered

Wedding Date ~ August 29, 2020


Brooke Rudasill and Jered Hill have accomplished a great deal in their young lives.  They have worked incredibly hard to achieve their goals and their successes are quite admirable. I am very honored to photograph them and tell their love story.


They are both graduates of Bath High School where they were highly respected and known for their maturity and strong work ethic. Today they have both become Physician Assistants and they are spending their lives serving people in our Lima community.



Their Beginning

They actually attended school together from their first day of kindergarten all the way to their last day of P.A. School. They began their relationship as best friends in middle school.  They then began dating during their junior year of high school.  That was ten years ago and they have been together ever since.



Their Academic Journey

The following picture is a synopsis of their academic journey together.  It starts with their graduation from Bath High School.  Then they graduated from The University of Toledo with their Bachelor’s degrees.  The third image is from their White Coat Ceremony when they were inducted into Physician Assistant School at Baldwin Wallace University.  Then the final image is from their graduation from P.A. School with their Master’s degrees.


The Proposal

Jered planned and pulled off an incredibly romantic and surprise proposal for Brooke.

He purchased the ring in August of 2019.  Brooke had no idea.

In October he asked her parents for permission to marry her.  Brooke still had no idea.

In November Jered and Brooke went to Louisville for what she thought was just a getaway weekend. The trip to Louisville was actually Brooke’s idea. He decided to do the surprise proposal during the trip that SHE was planning. So she still had no idea.

Brooke made reservations at The Brown Hotel which is a landmark historic hotel in downtown Louisville.  Once Jered knew where they would be staying, he went to work making plans for the proposal.  He contacted the hotel staff and they put together plans for Brooke’s special evening.

He made reservations at the hotel restaurant.  She was not aware that the restaurant employees all knew of Jered’s plan to propose to her that evening.  The reservations were for 9:30pm.  With it being so late, Jered and Brooke and the piano player were the only ones left in the place.  Jered picked this sweet moment get on one knee and ask Brooke to spend the rest of her life with him. After she accepted, a congratulations cake was presented to them by the restaurant staff and they all came out to clap and extend their congratulations.  They popped a bottle of champaign and celebrated together. Jered also had flowers and champaign waiting in the room for her.

Brooke still glows when she talks about that evening.

Future Plans

Brooke is currently working at St. Rita’s  while Jered is employed with OIO.  They are excited about recently buying their first home together. Their future plans are to build their careers and eventually their family in the Lima area where they can remain close to their family and friends.

I wish them great luck and many blessings on their future together and on their upcoming wedding day!



  1. Debra Basham says:

    Congrats you two!! That is a beautiful story and a very nice way to let others in your life!

  2. Melissa Hall says:

    Wow. What an amazing adventure. I’m so very proud of you both. I love you. I miss you dearly.

  3. Melanie says:

    What a beautiful love story. Congratulations on your engagement and conquering your educational dreams. Prayers for continuing success.

  4. Cindy Reynolds says:

    Congratulations!!! So happy for you!


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