Senior Portraits ~ Alex ~ Class of 2020

Alex ~ Class of 2020- Bath High School

It was about four years ago when I first noticed Alex.  My husband and I were attending a Bath High School Varsity Boys basketball game when I noticed a Bath cheerleader doing the most impressive toe touches that I had ever seen.  When I checked the program to find out who she was I discovered that she was only a freshman and it was easy to see how she made the varsity cheer team. Her tumbling skills were very impressive. It was also easy to see that she was full of fun energy and that she truly loved her role as a cheerleader. I enjoyed watching her as she shared her happy spirit with the crowd.

You can imagine that I was thrilled when her mom contacted me 4 years later to shoot her senior pictures. Her mom and dad (Kristi and Jim) both came along for the shoot and I had a wonderful time working with all of them. Jim was a tremendous help to me and I still feel terrible about the bad case of poison ivy that he endured afterwards. There is no doubt about how much Alex’s parents love her!

Alex is 18 years old and she is the youngest in her family of four. In addition to her parents she also has an older brother, Jared. Her life story is very intriguing and I really enjoyed hearing all about it. She came to America when her family brought her home from Haiti at the age of two years old. They have attended the Lima Community Church of the Nazarene as a family during her entire life as an American. They have dogs, cats, chickens and goats.

She has taken dance for 15 years and she has cheered for 6 years.  She cheered on the Varsity Cheer Team for all 4 years of high school in football and basketball. She is a member of student council and she has volunteered for the Bath Interact program. She is on the yearbook staff and serves as a member of The Paw Print. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, shopping, singing, watching movies and babysitting. She was elected as the Bath High School Homecoming Queen this year. She performed in the high school musical “Wizard of Oz” where she played the role of The Wicked Witch. She has also participated in the Bath Dinner Theatre.  She loves to sing all genres of music and she plans to attend Ohio University studying their musical theatre program.

We all wish Alex many wonderful things as she goes forward into her future. With her happy personality she is sure to find much success.  May God bless her greatly.





  1. LuAnn Winings says:

    Love this girl❤️❤️❤️❤️. She has a ❤️of gold. Alex I wish you all the best in life and know you will go far. Reach for the sky. I love you and proud to be your Nana. Your pictures are beautiful and you are as beautiful outside as you are inside. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Monique Bryan says:

    Alex you are a beautiful girl and even though you don’t really know me. I’ve know your mom since she before she was even born. Friends with your grandma and grandpa Winings. These pictures are stunning and with your talents you will go far in life! Good luck!

  3. Terri says:

    This girl and her heart!!! The Davis family is family to us and we love Alex. This is a great blog about her but my favorite thing to hear from her is her laugh. She’s going to do big things!!!!

  4. Chris Nungestwr says:

    Alex, from the time I cared for you in Haiti to now, seeing you blossom into such a great role model in your school, you have been amazing! I find it also amazing that you are graduating from the same school as Hal who helped with you in Haiti too. Such a small world, and may you continue to brighten every corner of this world that you touch! Congratulations on all of your successes and prayers that God will continue to continue use you to demonstrate HIS love!!!


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