Heidi and Austin ~ An Ohio Winter Engagement Photo Shoot

Heidi and Austin

Heidi and Austin live in South Carolina but will be married in Ohio.  We scheduled their engagement shoot for a rare weekend that they were going to be in Ohio.

We knew that no matter the weather, we would need to get their shoot done while they were in town.  They were absolutely fabulous to work with in spite of the snowy and windy conditions that we encountered.  They were so full of joy about just being together and celebrating their engagement that they did not even notice the freezing temperatures.  It was completely fun to work with them and to laugh with them.

Heidi and Austin met online and have been together for three years. He surprised her with a sweet Christmas proposal inside of a Mason jar.  After they had finished unwrapping presents,  he told her that he had one last gift for her.  When she turned around he was on one knee asking her to spend the rest of her life with him.

I am beyond excited to share their amazing wedding day with them.  They will make a beautiful bride and groom.









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