Engagement Photo Shoot ~ Lindsay and Joe

Lindsay and Joe

Wedding date:  September 5, 2020

Lindsay and Joe told me that they met in prison…they both worked there!  They actually worked together and were friends for two years before dating each other. They have been together now since October of 2017.

They have been engaged for about 9 months.  Joe gave her a surprise proposal while they were on a vacation at Hocking Hills. They had hiked about 4 miles to Old Man’s Cave.  Joe distracted her by asking her to turn and look toward the top of the cave to see if she could figure out a way to hike to the top.  When she turned back around to tell him she was not sure, he was on one knee and he asked, “Do you know if you’d marry me?”  And of course, she said YES!

After earning one college degree, Lindsay wanted to go back to school to become a registered nurse. Joe convinced her to pursue that dream and he has supported her for almost two years as she has worked toward that goal. She will graduate in May.

 They have two beautiful children: Vivian is 4 and Chloe is 15.  In spite of their age difference they are the best of friends.

On their first date, they watched Friends and drank Rolling Rock.  So they included a tub of Rolling Rock in their engagement session.



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